CSR and ESG: Part of our Core Values

MidexPRO continues to take current environmental issues seriously and has placed them at the heart of all future strategies for the software and Team.

Our pledge is to reduce the carbon footprint of the software when considering future enhancements and continue to reduce the need to print from the system, by making MidexPRO as paperless as we can, consider the cultural aspects of our business and commit to being inclusive and considerate to our Team members.

MidexPRO is classed in business terms as an SME – Small Medium Enterprise.

We don’t have shareholders or large numbers of staff but we do involve them in all the decisions made when growing or expanding the software functions or before we move MidexPRO into other areas of expertise.

For years MidexPRO has actively encouraged the Team to support charities and not-for-profit organisations both locally and nationally. This support has taken the form of a physical challenge or by offering time to support a cause with knowledge or technical advice.

We are very proud of their combined work which has not only brought thousands of pounds or expertise to well-deserving causes but also helped to cement our core values with our own colleagues in a way that inspires them to do more: Doing what’s right.

We believe that we have, and continue to do, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, well and can qualify the impact our support has made.

ESG – Environment, Social, and Governance is an area we intend to invest more attention to when it comes to strategic decisions. We are by no means a huge company that exports a product and need to consider an ethical supply chain, but we do need to consider how MidexPRO can improve functions that will affect the environment.

We continue to monitor how we, as individuals, impact the environment and continue to work together to make better choices (both office and personally) that benefit us all. We include basing ourselves within an office, which is completely Carbon negative, or working from home.

We continue to support diversity, pay equality, and inclusion and continue to promote ethical behaviour within the MidexPRO Team.

The core values of the business have moved to include consideration towards more ethical choice, to involve our clients more in decision making, and place CSR and ESG at the heart of the organisation.

Both CSR and ESG are important to us and we are committed to creating an environment in which the Team and our clients can continue to be proud of.

MidexPRO is one of the top 10 leading Medical Practice Management softwares available to Clinicians and Physicians. Features include Diary & SMS, Xero integration, Patient Portal and many more features.

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