Planning for the Future

A subject that at some point, we all need to consider, is how and when to Retire from Private Practice.

You may have spoken to colleagues about what steps to consider and what implications there are relating to the GMC, licencing etc and it is always best to ensure you get the right advice directly from them.

What about your Patients' data?

This is something MidexPRO can help advise you on.

You remain the ‘Data Controller’. The Patients’ data is yours and there are ongoing expectations from a GMC perspective along with HRMC.

Rather than list them here, you can access information on Private Practice Medical Retentions by reading here

As MidexPRO stores your data, you might be interested to know we have 3 options available to you. Each depending on which scenario will work best for you.

Option 1 - POA

You can request to have all your data exported onto a secure SSD Hard Drive. We post this to you, recorded delivery to a nominated address. The data is supplied in an A - Z format.

The SSD is sent encrypted, and the password is sent only to the Account Holder in a separate correspondence.

Once received and accepted, we purge the stored data within 30 days of receipt and do not hold any versions of your data or passwords for future use. You would hold the only version of the data.

Your Direct Debit is cancelled and no further charges made.

Option 2 - £7.50+VAT option for FULLY retired Clinicians.

MidexPRO continue to store your data in the current format, but you have no daily access to it.

This option is really suited to consultants who have fully retired and need occasional access to view patient details, Access for an Accountant or HMRC reasons only.

Access is by request prior to need by using the ‘Retirement Access Form’ sent from Support. Access is usually granted for 48hours only.

The benefit of this option allows for your data to continue to be stored safely in the Cloud for the duration requested.

Once chosen, we can amend you Direct Debit accordingly.

Option 3 - £12+VAT per month.

MidexPRO continue to store your data in its current format.

However, the key purpose of the reduced fee is that this retired option will restrict the ability to create a new invoice, document, or prescription. This is simply for viewing only.

Like option 2 but allows for consultants who may have retired from their ‘Private’ work but continue to work in the NHS, potentially seeing the same patient.

If chosen, we can amend your Direct Debit accordingly.

By knowing your options, you can make the right decision based on your needs.

These costs and options are available now but are subject to change in the future. Whichever may work for you, remember that Support can always give you the most up to date information and give you clear advice on how best we can support you should you look to retire from Private Practice.

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