30 Day Free Trial

MidexPro: Try before you buy

Here at MidexPro we understand the level of commitment required for a major investment in something like our software package. So to make it easy for you to see if this software application is right for your practice, you can try the full working package, not a cut down version, at your leisure and on your own computer. This demonstration package will come with the MidexPro tour and a set of demonstration films to help you get accustomed to it. Thus you can satisfy yourself that MidexPro works for you before you have to part with large sums of money.

How the free trial works

Please contact MidexPro on 0330 999 3399 or email support@midexpro.com and we will be happy to set you up with a no obligation 30 day trial of the full working system.

Full training will be provided to you and full use of the support line is available during your trial allowing you to    make the right decisions for your practice.

For continued use beyond that time the software will need to purchased.

When your trial period expires you will be given the option to either keep or delete all the data entered during your trial period. The trial version of MidexPro includes all the main options of the software. Any options you do not require will be disabled after 30 days.

System requirements needed to operate the package

  • MS Windows or Mac OS
  • MS Office – Office 2013 and above are required. Please note - Home & Student versions will not work.


Starting MidexPro

Once your trial is enabled, a member of the MidexPro team will contact you and arrange a suitable time to demonstrate the software so you are able to start using it.  


Let MidexPro be the focus of your practice