Whatever your speciality, MidexPro is the definitive software package for facilitation of your medical practice.  With its wide variety of features, both inclusive and optional, MidexPro automates routine tasks whilst keeping critical information at your fingertips. The fully integrated MidexPro package allows for smooth transition between actions: a few clicks will take you from recall to appointments and back. And with its built in “intelligence”, you need never repeat an information entry.

Inclusive features

Inbuilt into the basic package are a number of features designed to assist in the smooth running of your practice:

Billings and Reminders

Simply record the patient and treatment details and MidexPro will do the rest, producing invoices to your specification, whilst a further click queues the bill for Electronic Transmission (EDI). Intelligent monitoring of your data prevents errors.

The MidexPro package recognizes you are a medical expert, not a fiscal one. Thus, it provides a range of unobtrusive features to provide a system that grows with your changing needs. MidexPro medical billing includes such features as: billing to third parties, treatment and diagnosis coding, clinic sheets for accurate patient records and location of treatment for multiple hospital/clinic work. In this and all things, MidexPro is intuitive, fast and flexible.

Clinical Audit

More than a billing package, MidexPro allows you to analyse by diagnosis and/or treatment and to create your own “User” menus to assist in your clinical research or audit.

Effective Patient Recall

Effective follow-up is essential for an efficient practice and the health of your patients. MidexPro’s recall system allows both long and short-term prompting. MidexPro will list as overdue any patient that fails to respond to the recall.

Prescriptions and Drugs

With the MidexPro package, you can write prescriptions and/or monitor drug use. If your practice has its own pharmacy then our software can print labels for the drugs. 

Optional Features Include

Word Processing, E-billing, Diary, SMS Text Messaging to Patients and VAT option.

To explore these and other options that may enhance your experience of MidexPro call 0330 999 3399 and speak to our Support Desk.

Let MidexPro be the focus of your practice