Supporting You When You Need Us.


MidexPro Helpline: Obviously we believe in this software but we want you to believe in it too and recommend MidexPro to your peers.
To this end we support you, the end-user, with a reliable and responsive Helpline. No matter how intuitive a software package may be, we understand you will sometimes have a question that needs a quick response.

The Helpline contact details are on each page within MidexPro along the top of each page. 

Our many testimonials from satisfied users are an endorsement of our Helpline’s effectiveness.

"I have written to you in the past to say how pleased I am with my MidexPro software which has made the running of my practice so efficient. However it is the Helpline which exceeds all expectations..."

Mrs L Gilbert, MD, MRCOG, obstetrician and gynaecologist

Support Fee

An Annual Support Fee allows you access to our Helpline and WebUpdate facilities (for none iCloud users)

The Annual Support Fee includes not only our excellent Helpline should you need it, but also all product updates – updates are rolled out automatically to your system on a regular basis if you are on the iCloud version of MidexPro. The benefit to this is you, is you don't have to do download or spend time waiting for updates, these are automatically pushed to your systems. 

We can keep our support charges low because experience has shown that only a low-level provision is required.

Support Fee's are charged via Direct Debit on a monthly basis alongside the Remote Hosting fee.

WebUpdate (for none iCloud users)

With all Computer users, sometimes the Software needs updates. With MidexPro you have much less need to worry about this as the WebUpdate facility is an integral part of the MidexPro support package.

When using the none iCloud version of MidexPro simply click on the WebUpdate link below and you will be connected to our website. Now your package will be automatically interrogated and any required updates downloaded.

If WebUpdate from within MidexPro fails then click here to update.


Let MidexPro be the focus of your practice