If you have completed the 30 day FREE Trial and now wish to purchase a copy, please contact our friendly support team; 0330 999 3399 or email support@midexpro.com.

The Basic System of MidexPro will give you the most up to-date version which includes the most secure log-in and ICloud system allow you to use MidexPro on all mobile devices, on the move.

Basic System 

Basic single practice of MidexPro includes
Billing, Recall, Prescription, Clinical Features,  Reporting

Each version of MidexPro is tailored to your individual needs.
You may need other additional Features to aid your daily working. Our Support Desk can advise you on all other features that could be of benefit to you.

Additional Features and their Benefits

Below are a list of additional extras that can be added to the standard ICloud version of MidexPro
To ensure you have the most relevant options applied to your version,
call the Support Team and they can give you the best advice. 0330 999 3399 
All options can be trialled for 30 days prior to purchase.

wing-left.png Basic System wing-right.png

Basic single practice of MidexPro includes

Billing, Recall, Prescription, Clinical Features,  Reporting

wing-left.png Expenses Option wing-right.png

Allowing you to operate non-patient billing

wing-left.png Word-processing wing-right.png

Word-processing provides each patient with a unique filing systems for all clinical correspondence.
You can also easily import scanned documents and images.


wing-left.png Diary & SMS wing-right.png

All you need to run your clinics Diary system, smoothly.

Built in automatic text messaging for all appointment, reducing

'None Attended Appointments'

wing-left.png SMS wing-right.png

Allows the sending of text messages directly from MidexPro

to your patients increasing Customer interaction and service.

wing-left.png Electronic Billing wing-right.png

Seamless Invoicing to many of the UK insurers with just a

click of a button.


wing-left.png Multi Practice wing-right.png

This option will allow you to have multiple clinics with in one



wing-left.png Investigation wing-right.png

Order and Receive TDL (The Doctors Laboratory) results online.

wing-left.png VAT wing-right.png

If you need to be VAT registered, you will  require this option.

This option allows you to 'charge' VAT to your bills

You do not have to purchase all options at one time, you may defer paying for and registering any option until a later date.
Non-EU customers are VAT free.
You may pay by debit or credit card over the phone, by Bank Transfer or by sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank
To price your configuration or pay for your system, please contact us to make payment.

Let MidexPro be the focus of your practice