Private Practice Software On The Move

MidexPRO thinks like a doctor and not a computer expert.

Whatever your field, whether your practice is Anaesthetists, ENT, Paediatrics or other specialities, MidexPRO can provide you with all you need to run your Practice efficiently. Completely mobile optimised and secure to the highest level, you can access clinical data, update patient’s information on the move and read patient notes whilst in theatre....

MidexPRO is not a ‘one size fits all’ product.
Our ethos is to work with you to ensure you only have the features you need. For a quote based on your own specific needs, contact the Support Desk on 0330 999 3399  or email and we can happily discuss the tools your Practice will need.

If you’re not sure how beneficial some of the features may be to you or you simply wish to trial MidexPRO before you decide, not a problem!

Contact us and we can set you up on a 30-day FREE trial with full support throughout the trial.


Contact Us: 0330 999 3399
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