BAAPs Audit show, demand for Cosmetic surgery remains .

A recent audit carried out by BAAPs former president Rajiv Grover, into the top surgical procedures carried out in 2018, shows a small increase since 2017.

Not surprisingly, women underwent 92% of all cosmetic procedures recorded with the biggest increase in popularity of 12% was Liposuction.

Breast Augmentation and Otoplasty (ear correction) saw the biggest annual drop in popularity reducing by 6% and 10% respectively.

Male surgical procedures dropped in popularity from 2017 to 2018 by over 4%. However, Rhinoplasty saw a rise in popularity by 3%

Surgeons have noted a rise in teenagers wanting plastic surgery like lip fillers, and breast augmentations to enhance their appearance ahead of a new school year.

Some are requesting these procedures to reduce bullying or through influences seen on social media.

With an every increasing rise of Mental Health issues, BAAPs President and Consultant Surgeon Paul Harris mentioned, ‘It is even more important for all cosmetic procedures are carried out with a robust assessment of the patients physical and psychological well-being, something all BAAPs surgeons do as standard’

The importance of ensuring you clients receive the best over all customer service is key to repeat business and continued excellent reputation. With so many options available to patients based on price and an online reputation, your practice should try to ensure you have a way to interact with clients both pre and post operation/procedure.

How do you contact and inform your client base?

Do you know the ways you can ensure your practice/business is putting the (potential) client first?

Who are your competitors?

All questions you should be asking, regularly

Competition is healthy! Keep an eye on what ‘they’ are doing and remember, it is easier to gain future repeat business from clients if they have had a great experience with you from the offset.

It always costs more money, to find new clients than it does to keep warm an interactive client.

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