MidexPRO supporting Covingham United Football Club

MidexPRO are always keen to support local and national projects across the UK when ever we can.

If you look at our website Corporate-Social-Responsibility page you will see that we have a history of offering hands on support to charities and local causes where we see a real positive change to a community.

Our work with Prostate Cancer continues to gain from our main efforts in fundraising and we still have great ties with Exeter City FC with the men’s, women’s and youth teams.

We were recently approached by a football team called Covingham United FC. Based in Swindon, they are keen to move through the football ranks in the Wiltshire League.

They, like many teams, struggle to get support from businesses as companies tend to favour higher ranking clubs or support a charity rather than a football club.

Most clubs have limited income and often struggle to fund essential equipment needed to compete.

From our point of view, supporting grassroots football helps to ensure those young men and women can feed their passion by allowing them to play the game they love. MidexPRO can take away a little of the pressure in finding funds to do so.

As teams are often managed by themselves, its also a great opportunity for those involved to learn or enhance management skills to use in the workplace or in other ways to further their love of the game or their own careers.

Sponsorship of teams like Covingham United is a great way to market your own business and offers many opportunities for brand awareness. The MidexPRO logo, for example, is across the front of the first team kit and training kits. We both will be using social media and opportunities like this article, to share the news of wins and draws (positive thinking is, we won’t lose) and allows us to engage with a whole new audience and vice versa.

Although MidexPRO has clients across the UK, we don’t see the partnership and branding of Covingham United’s kit as something that will gain us more clients. In fact, it is highly unlikely to bring new business. That said, there is a genuine sense of good feeling when a passionate football supporting MidexPRO MD, Gary Parker, can help a team realise their kit dreams and allow them to focus on football.

We wish Covingham United FC all the very best for when the season actually starts again and hope they all know how to keep the kit Persil clean (other washing powder are available!)


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