The world of medicine, then and now

Healthcare today is not what it was a century ago. In fact, a lot of changes have been observed in the industry in just the last five years. Modern discoveries and innovations have improved the experiences of patients and even saved countless of lives. At the same time, they provide a positive impact on the processes and practices of healthcare professionals and practitioners alike.

Technology in Medicine

Technology is the strongest driving force behind advancements in biomedical research and related fields. It has brought forth breakthroughs in medical devices, treatments, and even data collection. Thanks to technology, the world can enjoy better disease control, more efficient care, and more accessible treatment – and it continues to give birth to more new tools.

A Look into the Tech

As more digital solutions are introduced in healthcare, the traditional lines between engineering and life sciences grow blurrier. We’re already seeing hospital equipment that were once thought to be found only in science fiction stories. Examples include CT scanners, breathing apparatus, automated dispensing machines, and microsurgery tools.

It’s not just equipment that has progressed though, data processing has too. Electronic medical records software which is offered here at MidexPRO now makes it easier for a clinical practice to communicate with their patients and other service providers. The centralisation of lab results and critical patient data also means more accurate diagnoses, monitoring, and invoicing.

Additionally, cloud storage enables medical professionals and their staff to access certain files from any internet-enabled device securely. This makes data processing more organised thereby boosting efficiency. Not to mention that it lessens the chances of information loss which was a major issue with traditional paper records.

Other major advancements that we’re seeing in the world of medicine are:

3D printing of artificial bones and organs for replacing problematic or diseased body parts Accelerated research and experimentation via computer simulated human reactions to drugs Safer administration of anesthesia through breathing circuits Usage of cheaper and less invasive nanodevices and materials for treating cancer Genome editing or clustered, regularly interspaced, short palindromic repeat (CRISPR) Then and Now There’s no denying that a lot has changed in a hundred years. In 1910, a house on Fleet Street could be bought for £25,000 but now it would have cost over 1.2 million. A dozen eggs could be bought for twelve pence but now it costs around 235 pence.

There is one thing that hasn't changed over the span of 25 years though: our dedication to provide you with top-of-the-line private practice management software. A quarter of a century has passed, and we're still as determined to efficiently help and support our clients as we were when we first started. Gary Parker of MidexPro said, It is a real milestone for us to celebrate 25 years in business. Our team and our product range continue to grow, and we are extremely pleased to find new ways to ensure our users get the best out of their practice management system.

New features to be implemented include Xero ahead of Making Tax Digital, a new tool for multiple practices to communicate with each other, analytical software to fully analyse live data entered by MidexPRO users plus continued improvements suggested by customers. These include the ability to do clinical drawings directly through the system, ability to pay invoices through MidexPRO, something that wouldn’t have been on anyone mind 10 year ago let alone 25!

The vision from Rodney and Jayne Howlett who originally wrote the software 25years ago has been surpassed but one point we never forget, all these years later is a quote given to us by a customer soon after the MidexPRO software was first bought by a user. "MidexPro thinks like a doctor - not a computer expert". As long as we keep that quote in mind for the future we can always be sure to put our customers in the forefront of all enhancements and improvements. Here’s to the next 25years!

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, we would like to take this chance to thank our customers for their continued trust in us. May this mark the beginning of many more years of meeting the needs of our customers.

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