Corporate Social Responsibility

Be part of something bigger.

MidexPRO actively encourage our team to support charities both locally and nationally. This support can take the form of a physical challenge or by offering their time to support a cause.

In the past, MidexPRO have given support to supporting the homeless, cancer charities and most recently, to Villiers Park Educational Trust This charity delivers support of 14-19yr olds who are less advantaged than others in the same age bracket.

Although a national charity, they work locally with 7 schools in Swindon. During this past year, the team at MidexPRO have involved themselves with fundraising to support their work and have given up time to help too.

We are very excited to have helped Villiers Park and hope to help whereever we can in the future. As part of our work in the community, MidexPRO also work with Exeter City Football Club. MidexPRO, sponsor the Under-18s Youth team and sponsor the Women’s team too. Gary Parker, MD of MidexPRO has family connections with Exeter and has been a supporter for years. For more information on Exeter City FC and our Partnership, Click here for more information.


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