Corporate Social Responsibility

Be part of something bigger.

MidexPRO actively encourage our team to support charities both locally and nationally. This support can take the form of a physical challenge or by offering their time to support a cause.

In the past, MidexPRO have given support to supporting the homeless, cancer charities and most recently, to Villiers Park Educational Trust This charity delivers support of 14-19yr olds who are less advantaged than others in the same age bracket.

During the 25th Year in business, the MidexPRO team fundraised to supported Villiers Park. They raised £2000 to support one student in Swindon complete their education allowing that student the tools to apply for further education or applying for an Apprenticeship.

This year, Gary the MD, turns 50 years old. His plan was to cycle in several events to support Prostrate Cancer. Unfortunately, Covid, had other ideas and those events were cancelled or postponed. The plan is to pick these events up next year but, in the meantime, fundraising for this great charity is on hold.

Our offer to support Villiers Park with advice and training sessions with students will continue and where we can help a local cause, we will.

Most recently, and with most of the team being football fans, we have decided to support a local Football team, Covingham United FC with sponsorship. Supporting grassroots football is something we are happy to do. You can read more about this here

We are known for our work with Exeter City FC and our support will continue in some form or another, when the season begins again in 2021.

If you have a cause or event that you would like us to help you with, please email with an outline of your need for support.

Caroline will happily come back to you and see how best MidexPRO can help you.


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