MidexPRO Private Practice Medical Software thinks like a doctor and not a computer expert.

Whatever your speciality, whether you practice is Anaesthetists, ENT, Paediatrics or many other specialties, MidexPRO can provide you with all you need to run your Practice efficiently. Completely mobile optimised and secure to the highest level, you can access clinical data, update patient’s information on the move and read patient notes whilst in theatre.

It is particularly suited to specialties with procedural treatments, i.e. Surgeons, Cardiologists etc. It is also ideal for less procedural practices such as Psychiatry, where Auto Clerk becomes a virtual filing cabinet where you can store all your patient and medical documentation. Independent GPs and Oncologists will find the prescription facilities and patient recall/follow-up system especially helpful.

If you work in a group, as many Radiologists do for example, you may share fees equally or have individual billing processes. MidexPRO is able to facilitate this.

Perhaps you undertake a significant amount of Medico-legal work?

It is extremely important to ensure you keep track of outstanding bills. MidexPRO can easily handle your Medico-legal work & keep it separately from your other patients

If you share secretaries with other clinicians, you can confidently put all practices on the same device as the in-built access control panel maintains the confidentiality of each practice and allows specific access. The efficiency of MidexPRO is such that just one secretary can easily run several practices.

You are also able to run mixed specialties on the same system.

MidexPRO is the definitive software package that can facilitate your Medical Practice.

We have many features that automate routine tasks whilst keeping critical information at your fingertips. Our team recognise that a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach isn’t practical, so our ethos is to work with you to ensure you MidexPRO has the features you need. We will never sell you something you don’t need.

If you need any help, our Support Team are on hand to help. From setting up patients through to mailshotting clients; Once using MidexPRO you can contact them through the MidexPRO system on Live Chat, on the phone or via email, which ever is easiest for you.

MidexPRO is fully GDPR compliant to ISO27001 standards and have met the DSP Toolkit standards for NHS hospitals.

If you’re not sure what your requirements are, talk to us and we can advise you. We can also arrange for a FREE 30-day trial of MidexPRO with full walk through of the software along with assistance throughout the trial from the Support Team. You can trial the entire system and should you find you don’t need specific features; you simply don’t pay for them.

To start your FREE 30-day trial, call 0330 9993399 or email support@midexpro.com and one of our Support Team will contact you and arrange to set up your trial.

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