Who Uses MidexPRO?

MidexPRO is designed specifically for the medical specialist in Private Practice.

It is particularly suited to specialties with procedural treatments.

Find out who uses MidexPRO

  • Ideal for less procedural practices like Psychiatry.
  • Able to assist GPs and Oncologists find prescriptions and patient recall within the system.
  • It is also ideal for less procedural practices such as Psychiatry, where AutoClerk is a virtual filing cabinet where you can store all your patient and medical documentation.
  • If you work in a group, you may share fees equally or have individual billing processes. MidexPRO is able to facilitate this.
  • MidexPRO can easily handle your Medico-legal work & keep it separately from your other patients.
  • Multi-practice option and secretaries who work with a number of clinicians you can confidently put all practices on the same computer as the in-built access control panel maintains the confidentiality of each practice. The efficiency of MidexPRO is such that just one secretary can easily run several practices.

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