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Frequently asked questions:

  • What gets sent from MidexPRO to Xero?

  • We have attached an image for your use, to see what will get sent from MidexPRO to Xero.
    These are the main areas of MidexPRO that we found are used in your day to day work.

  • How do I know items are being successfully sent to Xero?

  • After an item has been sent through to Xero you will see at the top right-hand corner of your MidexPRO a green box saying "Sent to Xero".

    If you do not see this the item has not been sent and you should click save changes again.

  • How do I know all of my service items are mapped correctly?

  • To find out if all of your service items are mapped you will want to go to the Xero Integration page located under the maintenance section. Once you are here you will see the different sections of your MidexPRO account that you can link. You will want to check that the box for "Service items" is green, this is showing you that they are all linked correctly.

  • How long does it take to setup?

  • For a complete setup of Xero within MidexPRO will vary between Practice to Practice as it does depend on how many items you have to link. On average we normally say it takes around 20 minutes from start to finish if you are following our guide.

How simple it is to connect Xero & MidexPRO

Please follow the below steps to connect your MidexPRO account to your Xero account.

How to connect Xero to MidexPRO

  • You will want to go to 'Maintenance' located on the left-hand side.
  • Once on maintenance you will need scroll down to the bottom and click on 'Xero Integration'.
  • Now click onto 'Connect Now'.
  • Enter your Xero login information.
  • Click on 'Continue with * Organisation(s)' depending on how many you are linking.
  • Once you are connected you will want to map your service items and expenses.

How to map service items and expenses

  • Firstly, you will want to select which item you would like mapped. The mapping list can be located on the right-hand side of the ‘Xero Integration’ page.
  • You will then want to work your way down the list and make sure they are all mapped correctly before doing any invoices.
  • If at any point you want to disconnect your Xero account please simply click the disconnect button, located at the top left of the screenshot.

How to send invoices to Xero

Once you have synced your Xero account with MidexPRO you will follow these steps:

  • Once you have raised your invoice as you normally would you will want to click "send".
  • It will then give you the differnet options to send the invoice.
  • No matter which method you choose the invoice will be sent to Xero.

  • If you require any help setting up or using Xero in MidexPRO please do contact
    the Support Desk on: 0330 999 3399


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