A time for reflection

I think Easter is the most uplifting time of the year.

Thinking back to when I was a child, Easter bought with it, school holidays and chocolate. For me, at that time, this was something to celebrate.

As I got older, holidays are still essential and chocolate, although important, is no longer the reason why I find this time of year something to look forward to.

Now, I find more solace in seeing the flowers bloom, feel the weather change and overall, everyone’s mood gets that bit brighter.

This year is going to be different.

Although, the flowers are still in bloom and the weather has changed for the better, people’s mood waivers somewhere between worry and boredom.

Adapting to staying in when normally, we would be out enjoying the sunshine, will be different but doable. It simply must be done.

Comparable to our fellow clients, the MidexPRO teams are working from home and have adapted to group chat communications and video conferencing. We are all adapting to this new way of living and this weekend as we celebrate Easter, I’m sure that calling family and catching up on how everyone is coping, will be the norm for many of us and no doubt, the comfort of chocolate will help, just a little.

Although we are not with our extended families or able to visit, we should remember those people on the front line at Hospitals and Care Homes up and down the country, who will be missing out on any Easter celebrations in favour of working to save lives.

This thought alone should be reason enough to count our blessings and know this will pass and days will go back to normal.

Many of our clients fall into the category of missing out on spending time with family over Easter. We have had many clients who have returned to the NHS to offer their extensive knowledge and expertise, to help in any way they can. We wish them all well and hope they and their fellow colleagues stay safe.

However, you will be spending Easter, everyone at MidexPRO wish you all, the very best and hope the weather continues to shine, the flowers continue to bloom and the Easter bunny drops off an adequate amount of eggs to tend.

Kind regards

Caroline Corrigan

Operations Director MidexPRO


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