Festive Reminders

As the MidexPRO Team prepare for the holidays, we always have a conversation about what we all plan to do with our time off.

Some use the time to relax and enjoy family time, others use the time to meet up with friends they haven’t seen (or been able to see) for a while.

When it comes to our clients, we try to find solutions to problems that may occur during those days when the Support Team are not working.

MidexPRO will close on Christmas Eve at 13:00 and re-open again on Tuesday 4th January 2022. To reduce potential issues during this period, we have listed a few reminders or simple solutions and actions that will help ensure your work is not interrupted over this time.

  • Remember to Log out. Use the ‘Log Out’ button on the top and bottom of your Navigation bar found on the MidexPRO Dashboard. This will ensure any Licence used to access MidexPRO is released for another member of your team to use when they need it. If you have a team of people working with you, send a reminder email to all before your business closes to help avoid an access issue. Logging out correctly is often forgotten and is simply remedied.

  • Forgotten your password? Remember to use the red ‘I’ve forgotten my password’ button seen on the ‘Log In’ page. Click and start the process of re-setting to a new password.

  • eBilling error messages are also common. If you get an error message when submitting to an Insurer and you don’t understand the problem. Click, the ‘Help’ button on the error message (see below) screen. A PDF list of error messages will appear, and you can match your error code to the explanation of why you received it.

  • Changed your email password recently? If you have and use this same email address to send emails from within MidexPRO to clients or Insurers, remember to update it there too.
    To update your password within MidexPRO, follow the steps below:
    • Go to ‘Maintenance’ on the left side of the Navigation bar
    • Go to ‘Customer Communication’ section. Scroll down to ‘Email Accounts’ and click.
    • Click on the email Account you wish to amend.
    • Enter your new password in the ‘Password’ box.
    • Select ‘Save & Close’.
    Your password is now changed and will allow you to send emails through MidexPRO.

  • Use any quiet times to allow any updates on your PCs to happen. Often, we tend to lock screens and not close the PC down completely. Updates take place when you switch your PC back on.

  • Don’t forget, you have a User Guide to refer to. If you forget how to do an action within MidexPRO. You’ll find the ‘User Guide’ at the top right-hand side of your MidexPRO Dashboard.

  • Are you aware of ALL the features MidexPRO have to offer? Take 5 minutes and look at the Features page. The Support Team have saved many clients times and money with adding FREE tools to help Users. MidexPRO is constantly evolving. You too could benefit from taking another look at what we have to offer.

  • We have adapted the Voice Mail Message for the holidays. You will gain more information should you need help. Both the Voice Mail and Inbox will be monitored (during the ‘normal’ working week) and should there be an emergency, a member of the Support team will be in touch.

  • We wish all our wonderful clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We all look forward to working with you and for you next year!

    MidexPRO is one of the UKs leading Practice Management Software. Suitable to facilitate your medical practice’ needs. If you would like to know more about MidexPRO, contact or 0330 999 3399. We offer a FREE 30-day Trial of the system and support throughout your trial.


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