Growth And Efficiency

With the festive period packed away for another year, you may be taking the next few weeks to reflect on your future business goals for the year. Some of those plans may include questions like, how do I improve on efficiency or what tools are available to me to help grow my business?

Taking time to reflect on how efficiently your practice is run, can help to highlight ways in which simple tweaks could help your practice grow.

MidexPRO has many tools to do both, often FREE and available for you to use. Here are just a few.

Do you use Text messaging (SMS) to remind clients of future appointments?

Benefits include – SMS actively reduces the risk of client no-shows by sending reminders of an appointment 24/48 hours before they are due to arrive. No need for telephone or letter reminders and the costs that they incur.

you use the payment facility integrated within the software?

Benefits include – You do not need to have expensive card terminals as patients can book in advance and pay for treatments or appointments 24/7 – 365 days of the year. Transactions are taken and updated on the patient’s page, invoice/receipts are automatically sent to the client, reducing duplication of process.

How efficient is your Patient Scheduling?

When was the last time you reviewed how much time you need to set aside for seeing a patient? Could it be adjusted, or perhaps you could you benefit from using the video integrated tool, Whereby to speak to clients?

Benefits include – By evaluating appointment times and making the relevant tweaks you can help free time in the diary for more consultations, or add video calls to your offering allowing for less patient travel and expense.

you spend a lot of time entering new patient/client data?

Why not use an office iPad and ask the clients to input the data themselves? You will reduce the number of human errors which can occur like spelling mistakes and incorrect email addresses. Asking the patient to do it themselves will help ensure the data you capture, is correct and useful to you in the future. Read the link to explain more. You really could be saving a lot of time and maximising on data captured.

If you prescribe, do you use CloudRx?

This integrated Scribing facility offers your patients the opportunity to have any scripts made up and delivered to their home anywhere in the UK.

Benefits include – offering your patients a better experience in this competitive industry and as this tool is integrated, the whole service can be completed from the Patients page within MidexPRO.

When was the last time you contacted the MidexPRO Support team for extra training or refresher on a subject?

Yes, you have the User Guide on the right-hand side of the Dashboard, but you may find tools like Mailchimp or MitaskPRO that may be useful to learn about. Mailchimp can help you to send mass communications to clients and MitaskPRO can help to manage daily tasks across multiple sites. Both can help with efficiency and are very simple to set up. Support is there to help with new starters joining your team along with questions on how to … something! So do use their knowledge to help your business.

Apart from the points mentioned above, you may like to look at other areas for growth.

Repeat business or word of mouth is the best way to help your business grow. Remembering that first impressions really do count.

Have you ever gone through the patient’s initial journey yourself?

Are there areas of the business that may seem ‘frustrating’ to a new patient/client? For example: Do you send a New Patient form via email in PDF format for patients to fill in and send back? If you do, did you know that PDFs cannot be altered? Your patient will need to download that form, print it off, enter the details, and re-scan to email it back to you. How many of your patients own a scanner at home? A simple solution is to send the form in a Word Document for them to fill in and email back. Much simpler and less frustrating.

Take the time to talk to clients and ask their opinion on the interaction and service they’ve received. Over the years MidexPRO has actively engaged with clients to see how we can improve our service to you. It’s been extremely insightful to receive feedback even if now and again, it has been hard to hear! If we can listen to you and improve our business model based on that feedback, then we encourage you to do the same.

All feedback is good feedback if given constructively and could help to shape future interaction.

Hopefully, this helps show you some of the tools available to help with efficiency and help grow your business. Remember that you can ask for more details on any of the features mentioned by contacting Support on 0330 999 3399 or emailing

The website offers more tools, and you can find them by visiting and going to the Features page. Ask for a FREE trial where available and a demo of any tools which you think might enhance your experience of MidexPRO.


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