Growth and Efficiency

It has been a difficult year for so many reasons.

Rather than use the ‘C’ word again, most of us have had to navigate this pandemic carefully.

As we come up to the festive period, it may be the best time to look at areas of your business and see if MidexPRO can help you.

Taking time to review how efficiently run your practice has ran over the past year can help to highlight ways which could be tweaks to help your practice grow.

We are often surprised that sometimes, our clients may not be aware of a feature which could help their Practice. We think we do a good job at offering help, but the timing might not be right for you.

Below are some suggestions to consider that may help.

Administration tasks take up time. Did you know that MidexPRO can help with efficiency by:

  • Sending Automated Text messages to clients, reminding them of appointments can and will save your practice time & money. Benefits - Cost effective and actively reduce the risk of client no-shows by sending reminders 24/48hours prior to an appointment. No more need to make reminder telephone calls or sending reminder letters to clients either saving admin time.

  • MidexPRO have a payment facility integrated withing the software: Patients can pay, or part pay for treatments without the need for expensive card terminals. Benefits – One transaction taken and updated on a patient’s page, invoice/receipt sent, reduce duplication in process and no expensive fees.

  • How efficient is your Patient Scheduling – How much time do you set aside for seeing a patient? Has this time been productive, or do you feel it may need adjusting? Benefits – evaluating this time can help to free time in the diary for more video calls or could give you more reviewing time.

  • MidexPRO Dairy scheduling allows you to change the time slots easily and across multi-practices. You may find each practice needs a different schedule. Benefits – To ensure growth and efficiency, the Diary needs to be right. If you don’t know how to adjust timings, the Support Team can help you or show you

  • 'Growth’ is what all businesses wish for and understanding where best to focus your time and energy is the hardest area for any company to consider.

    Apart from the points mentioned above, you may like to look at other areas for growth.

    If your practice benefits from repeat business, your current patients may be the key to ensuring on-going growth. Equally, your staff may also be the key to ensuring those patients return.

    Have you ever gone through the patient’s initial journey yourself? All patients who interact with you either face to face or on the telephone should always feel welcome. In this world of extreme competition for client loyalty, we should all be grateful that clients choose to use our service and be ready to thank them for their ongoing business.

    So how do you check how a client feels about their experience? If you don’t advocate feedback or have a way for clients to give their feedback anonymously, how can you be sure your ‘first impression’ is great and warrants repeat interaction? Why not ask a trusted friend to act as a potential client? They can call for information on a procedure or simply act as a ‘Mystery Shopper’ by coming to book an appointment with you. Share with your mystery shopper your core needs and expectations before the process starts and compare once the exercise has finished.

    This feedback can be vital to help you plan for growth and give you genuine insight into how your customers feel about their initial contact with you.

    Remember all feedback, good and bad can help shape future initial interactions and give you genuine opportunities to give praise where its due and tweak when it’s not ideal.

    Hopefully this suggestion helps you to evaluate a crucial part of the business which can often be overlooked.

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