Saving time & increasing bottom line

MidexPRO always aim to find ways to save users time and where we can, help to expediate income owed from patients.

It makes perfect sense to us, that when a patient has a treatment, the best time to take the payment is before the client leaves the building or whilst speaking to them on the phone to book an appointment.

If users need to send out chase invoice reminders or chase payment with a calls or text messaging, money owed to the practice is slower at reaching the all-important, bank account. It’s also labour intensive. Even paying in cheques received to pay, is a lengthy process.

The answer; Enable your clients or patients, to pay via a card transaction.

Signing up to a card payment provider can be time consuming and if you require a Card Reader machine, for example, it comes with a monthly charge to the practice and requires the Governments PCI mandate which is another charge.

So how do MidexPRO help you?

We have integrated a Card Payments facility to sit within the MidexPRO software.

By partnering with Card Payment provider Hero Health, users are able to take the entire (or part) payment, on a patient’s page within the software without the need for a Card Reader.

Suitable for all Credit Cards and Debit cards including Amex, this facility gives Users the ability to take fees through the Software meaning all payments reach your bank account quicker, a receipts for payment is automatically sent directly through to the patient via the encryption software in MidexPRO and saves the practice money on monthly rental charges on a Card Machine rentals and more fees on having to sign up to PCI.

Want to know more?

Then get in touch. The process is simple to set up with our partners at Hero Health and you can be taking payments after the first conversation with them. No set up charges and with a very competitive rate on all transactions saving time and increasing the speed at which income reaches your bank account.

Call the MidexPRO Support team on 0330 999 3399 or email us at, for more information on how MidexPRO can help you.


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