Not normally associated with MidexPRO but for some accounts, using the term ‘housekeeping’ is probably the correct terminology.

Over time, Consultants may have had a number of secretary’s work for them and use MidexPRO in a completely different way from previous staff members.

We advise all new members of staff to book some time with the Support team at MidexPRO to give a walk-through of the system, showing how best to use it. However, if training hasn’t been given to a new secretary by the Support team in favour of inhouse training, sometimes, we find not all processes are handed down, leading to duplications or errors input into the system.

Duplicating is a regular occurrence and although MidexPRO has a de-duplication facility which in part, can remedy this, secretaries won’t have the time to look through the system and tidy it up and so the duplications and errors continue.

For example, in Prescriptions - how many times have you seen:

  • Tablet 50g

  • Tab 50g

  • 50g -Tablet

  • 20g Tablet

  • 20g Tablet

  • 20g Tab

  • When all you need is:

  • Tablet 50g

  • Tablet 20g

  • If you run a report for the first example, you will need to add up all the variation of Tablet 50g and Tablet 20g rather than run one report that gives you an accurate amount of what has been prescribed.

    Now times that by as many other areas of the system where duplications have been input or errors needing to be deleted; GPs, Service Items, Contacts etc.

    All of which slow down the workflow and cause reports to be inaccurate or difficult to read.

    So how can we help?

    The Support Team can provide you with a thorough search of your system, to check for errors, in Service, items, insurer, prescription items, contacts, GP’s and more. For a one-off fee of £200+VAT, our team can work under your instruction to perform Housekeeping on your account.

    Leaving you with a MidexPRO system, clear of duplications and errors ensuring your workday flows easier and reduce the need to check codes.

    If this is something that you would like to consider call 0330 999 3399 or email and speak to the team on how best they can support you.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


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