How Do You Prefer to Communicate?

As a Service Provider, MidexPRO offers help and support to users in several ways.

If you were to ask us 5 years ago how people prefer to interact with us, we would have said 80% phone calls, 20% emails. Now though, the figures are much closer; 60% Calls verses 40% emails.

In business, it is key to understand how your clients prefer to get in touch and by looking at the stats we can almost predict that clients who were born in the early 90’s prefer to email rather than pick up the phone.

An over-generalisation some would say but an article written by Larry Alton published in Forbes agree with our findings.

Armed with this knowledge, we have now invested in a ‘Chat’ feature which has now appeared on the Dashboard for MidexPRO users.

The Chat feature is a box that sits within the MidexPRO system allowing our clients to ask questions as they work in a way that suits them.

The Support Team are able to answer questions using Chat and help to solving problems faster helping you to work more efficiently.

As we grow and update our software so we can ensure however you choose to interact with us, you can do using your most preferred medium.

P.S The team still love a phone call and a chat with users...!

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