Information Captured

No matter what kind of medical practice you run, understanding your client base is essential and being able to communicate with your client base effectively, is one of the easiest ways to grow your practice and increase patient satisfaction.

Why is it important to know your client base?

Having a thorough understanding of demographics with an existing client list, allows any communications about your service offering is relevant to them and any future clients.

What are the benefits of knowing your client base?

Effective marketing strategies can be created– Does your business speak to clients or patients by offering incentives for repeat business? Ensuring your message relates to those you wish to speak to is key. By understanding the needs and wants of those that currently see you, can open the door to better retention. If you don’t communicate with your current clients, remember Mailchimp is integrated into MidexPRO. Mailchimp gives you a way to speak to clients. We can help you to reach out to them with information or offerings, with a free campaign regarding your practice. Call 0330 999 3399 and we can help you.

Not all MidexPRO clients benefit from ‘advertising’ their services. Patients can be referred, but ensuring all information about you on the internet, is factual and serves you best, will always benefit.

When was the last time you check your Biography on LinkedIn, or Hospital pages? Is it correct? Does it ‘sell’ you in the best light? Patients, even those referred, will Google you. What they see and read, will impact their first impression of you.

Customer Service and Client Satisfaction – if you understand what your clients like about you and the service they receive, the more likely you are to get referrals and repeat bookings. If you offer clients or patients a way to give you more of their ‘wants and needs’, it will give you and them a better overall experience.

Make use of the Comments section on a patient’s page within MidexPRO. This will help , you to add even more detail about a patient that may be relevant outside of the basic demographic information captured. You could use it to remind yourself of an ‘want’ or an event mentioned at the last consultation that would be relevant to refer to at the next appointment.

Using the Clinical tab found on the patient page, is also very helpful to allow the adding of more important information like an allergy or a risk that would be catastrophic for a patient. When information is added to this box, the patients page will turn the ‘Clinical’ tab, Red as seen below.

Remember the Support team can help with more tips and ideas on using all of MidexPRO features that will aid your day to day experience.

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