Jersey Training

MidexPRO held their first training session in Jersey last week.

The journey wasn't without its issues especially as Storm Ciara decided to make life a little difficult. Flights were cancelled and had to be rearranged, the aeroplane they eventually flew on was hit by lightning and had to be replaced with another. When they did get to Jersey flooded roads in Jersey made it very difficult to get to the venue. The Dunkirk spirit prevailed and although the afternoon session had to be cancelled, the evening session went ahead as planned.

Training sessions in the field are new to the MidexPRO team and have been arranged after a survey sent to all users asking for feedback on the software.

From the information gathered, it did appear that users used approximately 30% of the software or, were unaware of features that were available to them.

Jersey was the first stop.

Clients that attended were able to arm themselves with more knowledge about MidexPRO, features and how best to use them on a day to day basis

Gary and Adam were able to share, future plans for the business and during the Open Floor segment, were able to answer questions based around the user’s experience of the system.

Feedback from clients after the session was finished was great and including a big plus on being able to put a face to a name; Something we should never underestimate the power of.

With more sessions planned across the UK, the team are keen to make connections with clients face to face rather than just on the phone, email or chat facility. The next session is being held in Bath at the end of March followed by sessions across the UK planned until the end of the year. To find out where and when, visit:

For more information on the MidexPRO software call 0330 999 3399 or email for a free, no obligation trial for 30 days of the system.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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