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Organ Donation Week

Working in the Medical sector and following many Consultants, GPs and Medical Secretaries on LinkedIn, we often see amazing work carried out in surgery or through their fundraising efforts.

This week is Organ Donation week and we are supporting this subject by having that conversation… You know, the awkward one.

It might be something that you have had already with family and friends and here at MidexPRO, the small team we are, allows for an open conversation on this subject or not (as the case may be).

What do you know about Organ Donation?

Did you know you could save up to Nine Lives?

Where you aware that the law surrounding Organ Donation has changed in England?

All of these are thought provoking questions which are often avoided due to the subject matter.

In order to help break down the barriers surrounding this subject the team were offered the opportunity to talk openly about their thoughts.

Hopefully, by doing so creates a butterfly effect and they speak to their family and friends to keep the conversation going.

If you choose to read up on this subject, the NHS Blood and Transplant team have lots of information on their website. The link below takes you to the ‘Register your decision’ page.

You'll find more information about organ donation and about becoming a living donor; giving blood, donating tissue, bone marrow or even parts of your liver.

If you choose to be a donor or not, the choice is yours. After all, they are your organs and it is your decision. Knowing how those close to you feel about the subject can be really helpful, before needing to make any decision.

Visit their website for more information and start making that conversation, less awkward.


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