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As one of the leading Cloud based practice management software providers in the UK, MidexPRO make it a priority to ensure the security of the data held on our servers.

We also ensure that Users feel confident in that storage and offer advice to them on how best they can protect their data from access.

Hackers carry out cyber attacks daily. No business is off bounds. Most of us will have had an experience of a Phishing email or viruses sent in the hope of that click, that gives a hacker access.

The very minimum defence to online attacks is to install an anti-virus software like Windows Defender or other similar versions to slow down an attack.

To make it harder for cyber criminals to exploit any password weaknesses, try and make sure the password you use is hard to crack.

For many years we have known that you are more likely to have your passwords hacked if you choose birthdays or easy number combinations, Password123 for example. You can be forgiven for making it simple to remember, but at what cost?

The National Cyber Security Centre are part of GCHQ. They are currently highlighting the need for us all to toughen up on cyber-crime and have written a really good article on what you can do for your own security

They suggest a combination of three random words as a password, making them longer and stronger to fend off an unwanted but successful access.

Don’t worry… they don’t need to be so obscure that you can’t remember them each time but words that mean something to you. Steering away from names of family members.

You could use ‘CakeFlowersTV’ for example. Note, the use of Capital letters to make it even harder to guess.

You could use your favourite smells or clothing for ease in remembering.

Whatever you decide, please do remember to make your password difficult to guess and if you have the time, take a read of the suggestions on the link above which also offers advice on other aspects of internet security.

Other simple options are to ensure that all your own software is updated too. Out of date software and out of date operating systems, will also make it easier to hack. Always keep your devices updated by turning on automatic updates so you do not have to remember.

MidexPRO Users also find using Two-Factor Authentication on all Accounts adds another layer of defence.

Two-Factor Authentication is where the MidexPRO software sends a code via email to the registered User on the Account to use before entry to an Account. This combined with the usual, individual Access information, is easy to switch on and completely FREE just contact

Use these tips to reduce the opportunity of any hacking now and in the future.

MidexPRO is the definitive Cloud based practice management software package that can facilitate your Medical Practice needs whatever your speciality.

MidexPRO offer a Free 30-day Trial of the full system. Take a look at the website for more details contact us on 0330 999 3399 or email


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