Remembrance Day

Armistice Day marks the end of World War One. The 11th day, on the 11th hour, in the 11th month of 1918.

Since then, the UK has marked this day and all those who have died in wars by wearing a poppy and holding a 2-minute silence.

Working in an office together for more hours than we spend with our families, the conversation often moves from current affairs or popular culture.

A few weeks ago, the subject of Remembrance Day came up and we discussed how this time of year impacts our families. We have a mix of ages in the office, but a collective agreement was that we should always take the time to remember why this specific day, is so important.

None of the office have been involved in any conflicts directly, but some do have stories passed on to them from loved ones.

Gary, Managing Director of MidexPRO, never got to meet his Grandfather. His mother’s father fought in World War 2 and ending up in a Prisoner of War Camp. He did come home but was never the same. He couldn’t share or talk about his experiences and passed away at the early age of 54 having kept all the horrors he witnessed, with him.

Adam, Client Service Manager, also never met his Grandfather. He was Polish and during WW2 was fighting in the Polish army. When his village was invaded, he was given two options; fight for Germany or be shot. He did survive the war and eventually moved to Swindon where he met his wife. He sadly passed away at the age of 50. Not much of his experiences were passed on, but Adam and his brother plan to visit his Polish family when he is able to.

Caroline, Operations Director has a Brother-in-law who is serving in the RAF. He was based in Helmand Province for a year and then when back in the UK, was part of the Medical Evacuation team flying the injured out of Helmand back to the UK for urgent care, weekly. Each time they took off from Helmand, the DC10 carrying the injured, were fired upon from the ground. He, along with his fellow medical team, continued to do this flight sometimes daily. ‘I can’t comprehend what that must feel like to be in the air receiving fire, but for my sister and niece; I have no words. It’s not just the service men and women we should remember, but the families who are often waiting for their return’ David Ford, Warrant Officer in the RAF continues to serve his country.

If we ask, we can uncover some incredible stories from colleagues, friends and family helping us to remind us all, the huge sacrifices made.

We salute and remember them all.

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