National Stress Awareness Day

November 4th marks National Stress Awareness Day NSAD.

An appropriate time for us all to recognise the importance of promoting well-being whilst reducing the stigma surrounding this subject.

Often words convey some great intention, but its action and understanding that make the greater impact. At MidexPRO, we often get behind National Days that could or may impacted the team.

We talk quite openly about some of the subject matters the make our social media posts and we also feel quite empowered by sharing some of our own feelings and experiences.

Sharing experiences helps to reduce the stigma. We know this to be true and by encouraging, (when appropriate) allows for the team to open us about feelings in a positive way.

From Thursday, the team go back into Lockdown.

This is echoed across England with many of our clients finding themselves in the same predicament.

Finding the positives can sometimes be hard but there are some!

The team cling on to knowing they don’t have to fight the morning and evening commute to and from the office. They won’t miss the lengthy ques and will save money on petrol.

The negatives are, they are not together; no physical interaction with other team members is hard. Yes, they will be communicating via Teams or on WhatsApp but its not the same.

We do have the hindsight of déjà vu which allows us to plan better for this lockdown than previously and more time has been spent on what can we do to make the experience better.

For example, ensuring breaks are actually taken; asking the team to leave your desk and get some fresh air really helps. Last time, the weather helped, this time, it’s cold and wet but we still need to make the effort.

Understanding that often your bedroom can also be your workspace. Not ideal but making sure all work related items are removed at the end of the day and placed out of sight can really help.

Taking up a new hobby or a new exercise regime can help flex the mind and even when a good-box set is just the ticket, going for a short walk whilst listening to music can be a real boost.

Taking the time to share experiences of stress can often help others to express their feelings too. Why not take the time to express how you have coped with stress with fellow colleagues or family. You don’t know what that might mean to someone else…

I hope this Wednesday, we can all appreciate the need to place a virtual arm around each other and keep each other in mind over the coming month.

Here’s to recognise stress and to talking more.

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