The Cost of Missed Appointments

MidexPRO have listened to Users over the years with ideas to help with their Private Practice Software needs. We evaluate all suggestions and often take them forward as enhancements for the software.

We have also heard frustrations felt when a well-planned Clinical Diary is put into disarray due to a patient or client arriving late to their appointment or missing the date completely. As a medical professional, the ideal and most productive day is when clients arrive on time and on the day expected.

How can MidexPRO help to reduce the number of missed appointments and help to keep your clinic running smoothly?

Try sending, reminder text messages - The quickest way to reduce no-shows is by sending a text (SMS) to the patient. Research shows that most people, do not respond to letters in the post, emails sent or like picking up their phone to numbers they don’t recognise.

On the flip side: 99% of people DO read a text message. It’s the number 1 preferred form of communication and gives you direct communication to your patients & clients without too much interruption to their day.

Easy to set up with the Support team who can help you prepare and plan reminder text messages to go to clients 24 or 48 hours prior to their appointment.

The text will do one of two things: Act as a reminder to turn up on time or allow for the patient to cancel, freeing up the slot for another person to book.

Be flexible and offer to hold a consultation via the FREE Whereby Video Function – We have all learnt to become more adaptable recently, with meetings and appointments, even interviews using various video platforms.

The Whereby Video function gives your clients and patients the option to ‘turn-up’ to the appointment made, at a time to suit you both and shows how adaptable you are in how you communicate.

Sounds complicated but really isn’t… the FREE online Patient Portal allows your clients and patients to view, book, and pay for appointment through the online Patient Portal. You or your secretary can ready dates and procedures which are available for patients to browse on their PC or mobile device.

Effectively, your open your business for clients to browse treatments & availability without being rushed (which is also a reason for missed appointments) at a time to suit them 24/7, 365 days of the year. By informing your clients they can do this via Website, Email Signature etc will ensure the Portal keeps your business earning, whilst your clinic is ‘closed’ and gives the client the flexibility of choosing a time based on availability.

Using these 3 points above will help to reduce the cost of missed appointments, help to streamline productivity and free up more time to concentrate on other areas of the business. It could also earn more you more income.

For more information on these options and more functions available with MidexPRO, visit or email

We offer a FREE 30 day trial of the full system, along with access to the Support team. We will give you a full demonstration of the system, and even if you are looking for an alternative software provider, the trial will give a view of options available to you.

MidexPRO is one of the UKs leading Practice Management Software’. The team at MidexPRO think like doctors and not a computer expert. The aim of the company is to ensure that all medical specialities, secretaries, and hospital groups can navigate the system easily and have the functions available to them that help to run clinics and practices, efficiently.


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