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Thinking of Changing Practice Management?

MidexPRO understand that as your Practice requirements change over time. You may have outgrown your current Practice Manager Software or simply decide to seek out a new alternative.

Whatever the reason, the MidexPRO Software team have the tools and experience needed to facilitate the import of your data from your current provider, over to MidexPRO.

Try the full MidexPRO system FREE for 30-days on a no obligation trial basis. The Support team will provide you with your own version to ‘play’ with and give you a full walkthrough of the system and all the features.

If you like how MidexPRO feels and decide to move, rest assure there are no hidden costs when buying you come onboard: We will not charge you to move Software providers and we don’t charge to upload your data to the MidexPRO servers. We provide this service completely free of charge.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the transfer of data. If you have a question not covered, please do call 0330 999 3399 or email us at

How long will this process take?

The MidexPRO Support team, work with you to ensure the amount of time you are without access to your data, is minimal. Migrations from one system to MidexPRO typically take place over night (depending on size of data) and we ensure you are fully informed from the start, the time frame involved.

How secure will my data move be?

Very. In GDPR terms, you are the Data Controller and therefore, ‘own’ the data. It is the responsibility of the current provider to ensure your data is provided to you/us in a secure and readable format for our Software Team to import to a clean version of MidexPRO.

What information will be imported into MidexPRO?

All Practice Management systems are written in different code and therefore, the ‘language’ of one system will be different to any other. MidexPRO has the tools to successfully import:

    • All Patient Demographics, Invoices, Documents/Notes
    • All General Practitioner details
Once imported, we can help you or your secretary set up the rest of your MidexPRO practice for example: Letter Templates, Diary and eBilling.

How much will it cost?

MidexPRO is tailored to your individual needs and therefore, one size will not fit all. The cost to buy a system is based on need and the Support team will work with you to establish your requirements before quoting. We also no not charge for importing your data into MidexPRO from a previous provider. This is completely free of charge.

What happens when my Data is fully imported into MidexPRO?

Once your data is successfully migrated to MidexPRO, you and your team, will receive individual logins to aid with Audits. We arrange full training on the system prior to use and this can be run on a 1-2-1 bases or in a group session. To arrange any training call 0330 999 3399. MidexPRO, operates role-based access to the software: if you have a secretary who only needs to see diaries or invoices, you instruct Support to set permissions from the start.

Whatever your concern or question, please feel free to ask our Support team. We are happy to help.


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