Users and Licences

We often get asked about the difference between Licences and Users when it comes to accessing MidexPRO.

Users are free and you can have as many User’s on any given MidexPRO system. A User may access your data for different reasons: sending letters to patients or invoicing information etc.

Licenses are chargeable and related to how many people can access your account at the same time.

If you have 1 License, only 1 User can be logged into MidexPRO at any time.

The more Licenses you have, the more Users can be logged in concurrently.

Extra Licenses have a one-off charge and a subsequent monthly fee (per Licence) added to your monthly Direct Debit. We try not to sell you extra Licenses as often, they are not always needed.

The biggest problem we find when Users cannot log in, is when another User in the Account has not logged out correctly – affectively, they continue to hold onto the Licence and therefore stop ‘you’ from gaining access.

Best practice is to remind all Users with access to your MidexPRO system, to log out correctly using the ‘Log Out’ button found at the top and bottom of the Navigation bar on the MidexPRO Dashboard. This will help to avoid any future frustrations by others, trying to work and will reduce the need to purchase more Licences.

Remember: If you simply close the Browser on your PC or device, this will not stop the Licence being taken. Using the Log Out button releases the Licence(s) for others to use.

If you do find yourself not being able to log in, remember Support can help to give you access and for more information or advice, call Support on 0330 999 3399 or email us at


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