Whereby - Video Integration

Video calls with family and friends during lockdown have been a blessing to us all and using them in business, has been immensely important in allowing colleagues and businesses to continue to work.

Although this relatively ‘new’ idea has grown exponentially, it is unlikely that the popularity in use, will drop any time soon. MidexPRO always aim to do our bit to help the needs of our clients and can now inform them that they can make video calls from within the system without using Zoom or Teams applications.

New to the MidexPRO Partnerships, the Whereby Video feature allows Consultants and Clinicians the ability to speak directly to a patient from a patient page and make notes regarding the call, within the system, whilst on the call.

The time saved from having to use different applications is cut completely and will reduce time spent on other administration tasks too.

The same feature can also be accessible via your mobile phone if you have MidexPRO Mobile Optimised, giving you even more opportunity to be available (iOS and Android) Download via the Apple store or Google Play store.

Set up is FREE and easy to do. Simply speak to for the next steps or register with Whereby to set up a FREE ‘room’ for calls. The secure and individual link is then added to the MidexPRO software which enables video calls to take place.

For any questions relating to this new Feature, click here or call the MidexPRO Support team on 0330 999 3399.


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