MidexPRO in the Community.

MidexPRO working in Partnership with Exeter City FC.

Over the past few years, MidexPRO has partnered with Exeter City Football Club to sponsors the Youth team (under 18s), players within the men’s Football Squad and most recently, become proud sponsors of the Women's football team.

Why Exeter FC? MD Gary Parker has supported them for over 37 years alongside is love of Tottenham Hotspur.

Although MidexPRO is based in Swindon, he and his sons can be found going to games and visiting St James Park and joining other fans on the Big Bank.

The staff all have football teams they support, and it is a big part of the office conversation during the Football season. By supporting Women’s football and the next generation of players, we look forward to seeing some of these players representing England or other their respective countries in a competitive capacity in the future.

Sponsorship allows for development for all and as the club is owned by the fans, sponsorship is key to enabling enough funds are available for progress.

The brand awareness we receive is great too. We consider how are brand is seen in the community and always look for a positive way to link our brand with others. We know our relationship with Exeter City FC allows this. Long may it continue.