Is MidexPRO Right For You…

MidexPRO is the definitive software package that can facilitate your medical practice. It is particularly suited to specialties with procedural treatments and also ideal for less procedural practices like, Psychiatry, where Auto Clerk becomes a virtual filing cabinet....If you work in a group, as many Radiologists do, you may share fees equally or have individual billing processes. MidexPRO is able to facilitate this.

Perhaps you undertake a significant amount of Medico-legal work? Keeping track of outstanding bills is extremely important and MidexPRO can handle this whilst keeping details separately from your other patients.
If you share secretaries with other clinicians, you can confidently put all practices on the same device as the in-built access control panel maintains the confidentiality of each practice and allows specific access. The efficiency of MidexPRO is such that just one secretary can easily run several practices.

You are also able to run mixed specialties on the same system. To find out more on who uses MidexPRO, Click here.

To view all the features available to you, click here on features and if you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team on 0330 999 3399.


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