MidexPRO working with Villiers Park, Swindon

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MidexPRO has been running for 25years this year and as part of our celebrations, we have pledged to raise funds for Villars Park to support the local arm of the charity.

MidexPRO has a long history of supporting national and local causes over the years, including supporting Prostate Cancer nationally and the local Woman’s Aid in Swindon.

As we celebrate 25years this year our team wanted to do something special to support a cause close to our office here in Wiltshire.

My team were inspired to support Villiers Trust with their efforts after a visit to MidexPRO from the charity. Understanding the immediate help that they offer young adult at the 7 local schools in Swindon, gave our team the impetuous they need to want to help. Two of our own staff attended 2 of the schools who benefit from their support. So even more of a reason to help.

Over 25 days in August the team used £25 of their own funds and were given the challenge to grow those funds using ideas that were Ethical and Legal!

The team did brilliantly and have raised £2000 + gift aid.

I am extremely pleased by their efforts and the feedback from the team on how they raised the funds, has been brilliant.

We really hope our funds will help to fund one student for a whole year on the Scholars Programme that builds the skills and increase knowledge through meaningful interactions’.

Caroline Corrigan, Operations Director for MidexPRO

For more information on MidexPRO and how it can help your Private Practice contact support@midexpro.com or for information on our charity work, contact Caroline Corrigan, Operations Director for MidexPRO Caroline@midexpro.com or call 0330 999 3399