What is the cost of Missed Appointments

As a medical professional, you need your clients to remember appointments made to see you.

Arriving late or missing an appointment completely, costs your business time and money.

Clients are only human and have busy lives. However efficient we think they are when they book a procedure or treatment in advance, if appointments don’t come with a reminder 48 hours beforehand, your practice risk the date being missed completely.

How do you remind clients of their up and coming appointments?

Post? This option can become costly and (believe it or not) letters are often un-opened

Email? Often mistaken for spam, so not always opened – in fact, emails have 20% open rate.

Call? Most people won’t answer an unsolicited call and you risk annoying rather than engaging... And don’t even think about leaving a voicemail… 1 in 5 people check their voicemail within a week rather than on the day received.

Try sending a text! 99% of texts messages are read! It is also the #1 preferred form of communication and is the most used feature on smartphones... Text messaging really does gives you a direct line to your customers without huge interruption to their day.

MidexPRO completely understand the need for your diary to run efficiently and to support our clients, we work with Esendex to provide an SMS feature as a tool to aid you.

Having both (Diary and SMS functionality) working together will give you improved efficiency allowing you or staff members to send automated text messages ahead of appointments.

If you don’t have this function or unsure how it would work, why not trial the SMS and/or the Diary feature on MidexPRO for FREE for 30days… Call 0330 999 3399 or email us at

Let us help your Practice reduce no-shows.

Give client the option to re-book if necessary, if they find themselves double booked.

Increase Staff Productivity by reducing time on the phone or typing reminder letters.

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