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  • =Say goodbye to external Task Managing software. Request access to the enhanced MXTASK and kickstart your 30-day FREE Trial.
  • =Split workloads, establish deadlines, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, all within one efficient interface. Embrace a fully paperless workflow.
  • =Assign responsibility to colleagues effortlessly, update tasks in real-time, and benefit from the built-in Audit facility for monitoring completed activities.
  • =Stay on top of your tasks with Dashboard reminders of when tickets are becoming due or overdue.
  • =Connect tasks who are about a particular patients directly to their records, streamlining the process of adding comments and uploading documents.
  • =Craft Checklists within Tasks to better prioritize and schedule your to-dos, ensuring no deadlines are overlooked.
  • =Employ Custom Tags for Tasks, enhancing organization, categorization, and prioritization.

For more information about MXTASK or to enable it, contact Support on 0330 999 3399.