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Is MidexPRO Right For You…

MidexPRO is one of the UK’s best private medical Practice Management software packages, where the Documents section becomes your virtual filing cabinet.

The software is intuitive enough to permit groups of Consultants, Secretaries/Secretarial Services and Billing companies to use and, where appropriate, share fees equally or have individual billing processes, set up.

Perhaps you undertake a significant amount of Medico-legal work? Keeping track of outstanding bills is extremely important and MidexPRO can handle this whilst keeping details of different cases, separately from your other patients.

Secretaries with multiple Clinicians can confidently place all practices on one MidexPRO Account and using the in-built Access Control Panel, you can maintain the confidentiality of each individual practice. Specific and secure access is available when moving from one practice to another and the Master User can determine relevant Access rights per Account.

The efficiency of MidexPRO medical practice management software is such that just one secretary can easily run several practices. MidexPRO also allows you to run mixed specialties on the same system.

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We think MidexPRO can help streamline tasks and improve your Practice Management but don’t take just our work for it, read reviews left by current Users of MidexPRO on the independent software comparison site Capterra for nonbiased experiences. 

If you are considering a move from your current software provider to us, explore how we handle the process and security of your move to MidexPRO.