Future Training

Getting Support whenever you need it, is universal and part of the MidexPRO offering.

Getting the most out of your MidexPRO system is hugely importance to us. As your practice grows, your needs may change.

Different tools may be required, and more training needed on how best to use them. In most cases, a call or email to Support will give you the answer you need, or the User Guide found on the MidexPRO Dashboard will give you Best Practice advice and simple step by step guides. Sometimes though, you may need a little more one-on-one training or need to arrange a group session with fellow colleagues.

Whichever the need, speak to Support and they can arrange a session to cover off any subjects at a time to suit you.

If you would prefer, we can arrange to come to you. A member of the Support team can be booked out for an office visit for half a day or a full day to a Clinic or an office and help with training needs or Function set ups.

We will ensure all Covid regulations are fully met for both our safety and yours and plan to cover off any subjects you require. In-house training is chargeable and for more information, please call the team.

We hold Workshops and Focus Group sessions, and the Workshop dates will be available from 2023.

The next Focus Group session will be held in Bath in September 2022.  Information and invites will be sent to those living in and around the proximity in early August.

To book a training session 

Telephone: 0330 999 3399       

E-mail: Support@midexpro.com or click on ‘Live Chat’ found on the left-hand side the under ‘Help’ on the MidexPRO system.

Future Training