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We are MidexPRO

Learn more about MidexPRO from these videos.

The multiple pages on the MidexPRO website are designed to answer some of the urgent questions you may have regarding Private Practice Management (PPM) software.

We share vital information about how we operate, our service provision and the security aspect of the system. All this information helps you to make an informed decision regarding your first PPM system or help provide you with the factors you need to decide on a move from your current service provider to MidexPRO.

These short videos will help expand on useful topics and if you wish to find out more about MidexPRO or have a particular question, we encourage you to reach out via email support@midexpro.com or call 0330 999 3399

The friendly Support team are on hand to answer any questions you may have and can help to set up a free 30-day trial Account.