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The Doctors Laboratory

*Third-party fees may apply.

MidexPRO partners with The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) to provide accredited pathology service to MidexPRO clients. (Only available in London and Manchester.)

Clinicians from based in London and Manchester can conveniently order tests directly from patient records within MidexPRO. The ordering and return of information are carried out seamlessly within the MidexPRO system.

Samples are collected and with a 24/7 turnaround time, test results are swiftly delivered back into the individual patient records, enabling clinicians to decide on the next course of action promptly.

Register for a The Doctors Laboratory account here. Once you have obtained your link, get in touch with our Support team at 0330 999 3399 or via email at support@midexPRO, and they will enable this integration for FREE within your version of MidexPRO.

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